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*Stop-and-go driving consumes up to 100% more fuel than highway driving.------------------------------------ *Fluctuating between say 40 mph(64 km/h) and 45-mph(72 km/h),can cost you 1 mpg.----------------------------------- Best economy is achieved around 35-40 mph ( 56-64 km/h ).--------------------------------- *It takes six(6) times more fuel to accelerate a car up to the posted speed limit from a dead stop,than it does from as little as 3 mph (5 km/h ).--------------------------------------- * Compared to a 40-mile trip(64 km ),a 4-mile trip (6.5 km) will cost you 40% in mpg.---------------------------------------- a 2-mile trip (3.2 km) will cost you 55% mpg.------------------------------ A 1-mile trip ( 1.6 km) will cost you 75% mpg.

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