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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I just got back from a 300 mile round trip to Mt. Rainier and averaged 34MPG. That includes traveling at 75mph on I-5.

It's still my parents car, but since it's been in my care I have replaced the rear trailing arms that control toe. The bushings had worn out and the rear wheels had play. I also replaced a cracked motor mount. Last week I fixed a massive coolant leak caused by a hole in one of the bypass hoses. The parts store couldn't find the right part, so I just used fuel line of the right diameter and fixed it for under $1. While searching for the coolant leak, I heard an intake leak and replaced the air intake hose. The car lived half it's life in SoCal, and that caused much of the rubber to fail. My parents previously owned a 1996 Camry that didn't have any of these parts fail, likely because it lived in Oregon and wasn't subject to the sun and heat.

The car had a p0401 code that was resolved by replacing one of the vacuum switching valves.

At around 200k miles, I replaced all 4 struts for my parents as the suspension was very wallowy. I've put maybe $400 into the car, and my parents have replaced the timing belt twice after snapping it.

Neutral has worse FE than using DFCO, but if I'm not planning to come to a stop or slow down, then I shift to neutral to extend out the distance I can coast.

I don't do this since I don't want to wear out an already old starter, and I want to be ready to move once the light turns green. I just want the car to go another year without problems before I sell it and buy my wife a Prius.

Thank you for the feedback! This is very informative and I will try the tips that you use to see how they work for me. I'm very glad to see you striving for the best with what you have for the time being, which is exactly what I am doing, though don't get me wrong, I love my car.

The only "complaint" I have about this particular generation of Camry is that it takes awhile to get up to speed, all the while burning additional gas to get into overdrive faster. There HAS to be a better way to reduce fuel consumption while accelerating in these cars.
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