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I took my car to a mechanic today, specifically chosen because it is two blocks from my house. The guy just called and said that I need to replace my AC compressor, receiver-dryer, and expansion valve. He estimated $1,400 and the diagnosis was $59 plus tax. He did not blame my grill block, but said that I should remove it anyway. The place that topped off the AC the first time, but did not notice that my valve was bad, gives an estimate of $884.24 through, but that rounds to the nearest tenth of an hour, underestimates their labor rate by $5, and does not include taxes.

I figure that it would be $1,071.24 before taxes.

I called U Fix It Automotive - Do It Yourself, and Do It Right! and the mechanic said he could not give me an estimate, but their hourly rate is $5 less than the other place.

Of course, I could do it myself eventually. The parts are supposed to be $476.24.

2000mc, I called the mechanic and he said that the kit would include the compressor, receiver\dryer, and expansion valve.

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