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This engine stuff is really a can of worms.I think the spirit of what Hucho is eluding to is that given whatever engine we have,it's going to have it's "sweet-spot." If we streamline the car,we move the engine out of this area of performance,and without gear-matching,we stand to lose the full benefit of the streamlining.If I don't alter anything under the hood,and switch to a lower numerical gear ratio,in theory,I should be able to restore the engine to it's plateau of efficiency.I think that's all he's saying.I will lose on acceleration,and everybody is in agreement,that it would be better to have another gear,twelve gears to be exact.Some guys at Bonneville are running series transmissions to get all kinds of gear splits,as their cam grinds and induction provide very narrow power bands,requiring very small rpm drops between gears.One day I may go this direction as I fear I may never see the full benefit of the wind-cheating.
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