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Its not that the thief is stealing from your car, but getting your address to steal later.

As is if you live in a urban community you got stuff like this going on right under your nose. The neighbor you never seen before walking a dog, riding a bike. A guy dressed like a service man asking about your driveway, alarm system, lawn care or asphalt millings. The "delivery" guy who goes to the wrong address, but asks additional questions not related to his delivery when he finds you arent the right address.

Granted you may have a new neighbor who is walking his dog, he maybe recently unemployed looking for an easy hit.

This is another reason my mpg sucks. I drive past my home when I see what I think is someone following me. Unknow car parked near my driveway, car from walmart following me home. Going off to go shopping, but see strange car in neighborhood so I make a U turn at the end of the road and make a sweep around the community and my home to make sure.
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