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I signed up at a gym yesterday. It was $29 for the startup and $15 for the first month. It will be another $29 to cancel, which I think is absurd. Hopefully, I can get them to suspend my account, so I could return without paying too much, but I doubt it.

It was a 1.9-mile bike ride there. Running on a treadmill is demotivating, but still easier than running for real. I do not listen to music when I run because I will not on my PT test, but I never run as fast on my own.

My second heart rate monitor came with a chest belt. The third came with a belt and a watch that displays my heart rate and time, but the second had an .mp3 player, and was supposed to periodically say my heart rate over my music.

Except, it did not come with the belt, just the sensor. I planned on using it when I found it, but the gym plays music. The treadmill also picks up my heart rate monitor, so I put my watch and glasses in the cup holder.

I have read that setting the incline to about 2.5% is comparable to real running. I just left it level, but planned on setting it to 1% today, 2% on Monday, etc. I need to run two miles in 17:42, about 6.78 MPH. I think that I set the treadmill for 6.8. I hit 100% maximum heart rate at 1.3 miles and was at 101% when I finished.

It does not count because it was on a treadmill, but I finally ran fast enough.

Hopefully most of my difficulties were from the heat and humidity, but I finally have a primary care provider through the VA, so hopefully I can finally figure out if I have medical issues.
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