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I haven't done much with my EV due to vacations, but a few weeks ago I finally logged my commute to work. I found that my Zilla is running hot on the highway, so I am going to water cool it. I picked up a transmission cooler, 12v water pump and misc parts to start putting it together this week.

Right now I am in the middle of rebuilding the headliner. It was in bad shape when I bought the Civic, but recently is has been so bad that it was embarrassing to show off the EV. I'm going to get some pictures, but right now I have the headliner out of the car and I'm removing the old foam with a wire brush. I'm hoping to get the whole thing cleaned up tonight and possibly glue the new material tomorrow or Wednesday.

I also now have a pulley for the A/C to connect to the rear shaft of the main motor. I really only need the A/C when I'm on the highway, and shouldn't be too hard to mount once I get the time.
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