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Hmmmm that's strange - I wonder what's up with 62.5kHz?? Seriously - why would they use that frequency?

Thanks for the heads - up about Q7 and Q8!

- E*clipse

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm using the attiny25. Nothing wrong with a dedicated chip (ltc6907)whose purpose is specifically for making pulses! By the way, I just programmed the attiny yesterday, and rediscovered that it is 62.5khz, not 50khz. Oh well. My memory was a bit faulty.

I found a minor mistake on the board. Q7 and Q8 need to be rotated 180 degrees before inserting them. I had fixed that a long time ago, installed a new version of designspark, and forgot that I had the old bad copy of that footprint. Oh well.
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