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civic hx egr valve deep clean

I have been battling with an egr code since I purchased this 1996 civic hx.

I cleaned out the egr passage ways on the intake manifold and they were completely clogged. I also removed the valve itself an scrubbed it Down with brake cleaner as well as the passage way to the exhaust. This changed my code from p1430 I believe to a egr insufficient flow.

So this time I was going for broke. There were a few threads mentioning the passage up to the egr being clogged so I went after it with pipe cleaner from the kids craft isle and brake cleaner.

The best way i found to check the passage from the exhaust is to slide a vacuum hose from a shop vac into the tail pipe of the exhaust of your vehicle, and with the egr removed (and the engine and exhaust cold), start the vacuum sucking through the exhaust. Go back to the engine bay and you should hear an audible suction from the egr passage on the intake manifold. This suction will help guide the pipe cleaner all the way down the passage with the brake cleaner. Be warned the passage is about 24 inches deep, took two pipe cleaners end to end to reach the bottom

Now back to the egr valve itself. The valve drops down to let the exhaust air into the intake. I had used a screw driver to lift the valve upwards and spray cleaner into it before but this time I was determined. I was able to get the valve to fully extend further than it had before on my previous cleaning and slid a pipe cleaner into the passage way. I was able to get flully around the valve unit and completely clean it.

Once assembled the car is driving and idling much smoother. I did have a considerable amount of smoke out of the exhaust but I do believe that was from the brake cleaner and soot being burned off from the exhaust that I had loosened with pipe cleaner and the shop vac. It was white smoke and went away after a few minutes. It did however fill my garage behind me before I realized it was smoking. Smelled like wd40.

Hooray for the shift light indicator again

I am hoping this completely cures the problem, if not I am looking at $160 for another valve. I am in luck however as just recently a pick and pull yard has a new hx in their lot. I have also identified that an egr valve off of a 1998 Honda accord ex 4 cylinder is an identical unit with the exception of the plug being on the opposite side. The accord egr is $60 cheaper as well

Fingers crossed.

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