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Day 1 of Build

Video on youtube if anyone is interested

Mazda MX6 Day 001 June 30 2014 - YouTube

I am not mechanically inclined, but I am learning. I find that most 'electrical' projects (I'm an electrical engineer at a mine. I have 25 years of experience on 'electrical projects') actually take MUCH more time and money to get the mechanical changed/removed/working. Then the electrical part and the instrumentation are done right at the end, after the project is already out of money and the schedule has slipped far enough that we're already late when we begin.

Hopefully this is not the 'typical' electrical project

The car is operational as is, but it needs some maintenance work:
- the windshield needs to be replaced
- there are rust spots on the corners of the doors and several other places
- the car needs new paint
- the tires need to be replaced, likely with low rolling resistance tires
- the driver's rear wheel does not spin freely
- the parking brake may be dragging a little bit
- the clutch is original, so it should be replaced
- the inner and outer CV boots were regularly replaced during the life of the car so they likely need to be replaced again

I'm not putting any cash into the mechanical issues on this car until I can get it rolling electric. No point fixing a car that will never move again.

When the car rolls electric, the issues will be addressed based on priority.

If something is exceptional, perhaps some repairs will be done as I go. We'll see!
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