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jray3 -- Thanks for asking.

Call it a pet peeve. I'll point to posts at...

I need to gather up some scraps of PolyMetal and run them though a shear/roller/brake. Then I can demonstrate a building technique to try. Roll a 45 edge, flange that and rivet together to get a radiused corner with one riveted seam in the middle. It's like two layers of beer can with sound deadening material in the middle. With an enamelled finish, lot's faster than fiberglass.

Here is a template for a bicycle:

I prefer this design with the gores running the other way:

But wait—there's more!

To precisley control the surface you create to whatever accuracy you require, use geodesics. Specifically an octahedral symmetry 4 to 6 frequency sphere as a starting point. Some examples:

/Did you know I'm building an elecric car?

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