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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
jray3 -- Thanks for asking.

/Did you know I'm building an elecric car?

Thank you SkyKing and Freebeard!
Glad to find a local ecomodder, SkyKing. Perhaps you'd like to get breakfast or lunch one day at Thun Field?

Freebeard, I know you're in the know, but I'm very deep in the EV world, so don't hesitate to call if I can help.

I've reviewed the links, but the MOAT is still closest to what a simple hacker like me might be able to do. I'd just build two identical ends with a clamshell lift for the back end, and box in the tail floor forward until the body is wide enough for practical drop ramp.

I've got polymetal samples on my desk. Neat stuff. Not great fracture resistance though. The street sign on my corner snapped cleanly off when hit by a falling tree branch.
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