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The wife's Rogue had a 10 year 120k warrantee on the CVT. The fluid is expensive but it does not hold that much. On my Insight it was around 2 quarts. Cost around $100 fror them to change it.

On Nissans, I think there is a fluid change warning system that tells you when to change it, but I think the 06 Murano went 95k without any indication of fluid degradation.

Depends on how you drive it and if you tow or not. The Murano was rated for 3500 pounds with the CVT. They have done something to increase the spread between lowest and highest gears. It used to be about 650%, now I think over 800% range between lowest and highest and they did mods to reduce losses. Think the newer ones have two ratios instead of one. The newest Rogue is rated at 32 or 33 highway while her 09 was 28 if memory serves me.

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