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Freebeard, I know you're in the know, but I'm very deep in the EV world, so don't hesitate to call if I can help.
People keep capitalizing my handle, even when it doesn't begin a sentence. ???

So I may be self-educated through the Aerodynamics forum, but in the Fossil Free Fuel forum they go right over my head. I still wonder what an 'attiny' is; and on a broader scale I have no idea whether kilowatt-hours or Coulombs are more important.

I'm on hold until the space frees up to work in. It's supposed to happen today, again. The first question to resolve is whether a VW axleshaft will bolt right up to a Toyota flange. Wouldn't that be nice?

I'd really like to see some pictures of PolyMetal in failure modes. Do you think doubling the thickness of the skins or doubling the thickness of the core would help more? (I'd go with skins) Both are available as shipping product.

There's also swingdoor material, skinned plywood. That could make for a good deck. Just soak the cut edges in resin to completely waterproof it.

the MOAT is still closest to what a simple hacker like me might be able to do
The Roswell has radically less seams to join. And edges to cut—but really just the same otherwise. Would you flange the edges, or capture the flat edge in an H-channel?

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