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Originally Posted by Chrysler kid View Post
Great tip, that is a MUCH better price than the parts store. the hx and accord unit are identical except for the plug position so I'll give it a try if worse comes to worse

I'm not sure if the problem is solved, but I do know for sure know it could only be the valve itself if the light comes back on.

Don't suppose you know what pins on the egr valve I could use to make the valve extend using a 12v power source? That may be a project for the bad valve I suppose

Oh also would "porting" the exit opening on the egr base to be the same size as the opening on the intake manifold improve the air flow?
On my insight, it's both the bottom pins. On my insights EGR there are 3 pins on top, 2 pins on bottom. Touch both the bottom pins, poof it opens.

No idea on the airflow question
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