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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Wait are you using a brand new EGR? If it's still doing it after an EGR change that sucks man... It's rare but it does happen with the intake manifold clogging. It happens if you let a clogged EGR or plate go for a long time.
Yeah brand new odyssey egr valve.

I should have just read the full text before I cleaned the passageway. The write up submitted on this site is not thorough in its description of the intake manifold cleaning, just the passage plate

The manifold clogges from the intake back to the passage way. The way the cleaning was described initially led me to believe the plate was the blockage point, however it is actually the manifold holes which are tiny

I was pretty nervous about using the drill bit method but re reading the full write up teggers blog is very detailed about this part.

Hope this thread helps out others in the future, you should not need a new valve it is simply the manifold being clogged, either from the exhaust or the intake. I believe mine was clogged both ways all the way from the exhaust to the intake manifold. 300k miles of soot

If you for some reason need a new valve one from an accord v6 will work and it only costs $54 on amazon. The 02 odyssey valve worked, on both vavles you will need to really be careful as the plug faces a different direction and the harness is slightly short
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