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Actually, I think the reason car manufacturers wouldnt implement something like this is -people are stupid. If people cant even remember to change their oil and check their tire pressure, theres no chance in hell they will be refilling their hho tank or adding the catalyst etc.

I used to work at a mechanic shop and you wouldnt believe some of the things people do (44k miles w/o an oil change, yeah that one was dead). HHO is better left in the hands of the DIYers who will actually maintain it, as the average person couldnt handle the responsibility of adding water once in a while.

Also, its not 'something from nothing' as you need the electricity to create it. Research shows that hydrogen boosting a gas motor has the potential to work, even if the technology to make it truly efficient is not widely available yet. Most people are quick to hate on the idea, calling it perpetual motion etc, but to date no one has any conclusive documented proof either way; therefore I will remain undecided until the time some hard data is available.

How can anyone get the data if no one is willing to test these HHO ideas? They cant. As long as your not wasting big money on a premade kit by some fly-by-night company claiming the impossible, whats the harm in spending a little money to build and test something that may actually prove beneficial in some vehicles?