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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Lol, I'm sure you're right, but you're missing the intent of my post.

Since I don't drive to work on a closed course every day, those track numbers (although freaking awesome) are kind of meaningless to me. I want to know what that Centurion will do in traffic, tank to tank, in the world where all of actually drive in every day, and I've been dying to see some fuel logs for it since I joined ecomodder

A buddy mine and his dad are getting ready to build one, I already sent him the link to the posts here.
I drive to work almost daily with Centurion. There's an entire college and towns that are witness to it and it's mentioned in the press release. The 30 mile out-n-back closed course to work I drive on is likely much different than each person's closed course driving route so the numbers and route is likely not representative of your own drive. So, are the numbers from this drive even relevant? Your drive is not my drive so where's the relevance? When car racer's race, do they combine results from two separate/different tracks on on opposite sides of the country the same day under different conditions? No.

The GGP course however is a constant for everyone who is willing to participate on said day. so I believe it makes for a better comparison. There are less variables there and we all competed under the same conditions. If my numbers were artificially high - then so should all the results be.

I'd like for those who actually attended the 2014 GGP to come forth and admit that their mpg numbers on that day were way out of line as Sendler is suggesting. Any takers?

Following the thread, Centurion has consistently been subjected to changes - changes that have affected it's fuel economy - hence the long pulse-n-glide two year thread. These changes take time. Each run is mostly exclusive to the changes made and therefore not consistent to one completed/no more changes project. In fact, Centurion is nearly six months ahead of all ecomodder postings to allow time for testing. Right now, it's not even the same car it was during the Green Grand Prix - "major changes" were made starting the week after the Green Grand Prix. I've set a couple more targets for Centurion that may be out of reach but I'd still like to give it a whirl. So, until a final build is completed, a fuel log is not on the list although I have indicated numbers along the way, be it on the car's fenders or in text.




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