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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Are you weighing the stuff as you remove it? Would it be a spoiler to estimate the weight lost and gained?
I have 296 lbs removed from the front so far, 50 lbs from the back.

I can't find the weight for the gas tank, so the rear weight will rise a bit.

Netgain Warp 11 is 229 lbs. The adapter plate and coupler from CanEV were 12 lbs from the shipping carton - I can't find video where I weighed it so maybe 10 without packing. Netgain industrial controller 23 lbs from the web site.

As I put stuff in I'll be weighing it.

The motor weight may be a problem as it weighs more than the original ICE!

The left/right weight balance will likely be off. I was planning to mount the controller above the motor, but maybe it should be above the transmission to try to balance things out a bit more?

The rear spring and shocks may need an upgrade. I intend the battery pack to go beneath the back seat, where the gas tank was, plus a smaller pack right behind the back seat taking up part of the trunk. The batteries are just over 400 lbs, plus frame, plus insulation, plus battery heating, plus supports. So the car may drive like I have 2 sumo wrestlers sitting in the back seat!

Contactors, wiring, inertia switch won't be much - 30 lbs

Liquid cooling will be significant - maybe 50 lbs for coolant and pump

DC/Dc converter and small 12V battery will be another 20 lbs up front

Charger is another 50 lbs in the back

Did I miss anything?
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