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I haven't seen many hard numbers either, mainly because the numbers vary so wildly.

Cycle live/ D.O.D. is going to depend a lot on battery design, and even more on the quality of battery maintenance that you do. For that reason I believe a flooded lead battery would be the ultimate champ (or loser depending again on the maintenance) of a cycle live/DOD shootout.

In essence, if you're using a normal starting battery for running your car w/o an alternator, you are going to destroy the battery in a short amount of time.

You (probably) won't be monitoring the batteries in real time with a voltmeter, making sure you never get below 10.5V, thereby damaging it.
You (probably) won't be, or won't be able to, carefully monitor the SOC by checking the electrolytes' specific gravity, thereby further damaging it.
You (probably) won't charge your battery with nearly as good a charger as most EVers use, thereby damaging it more.

It's kinda like looking for hard numbers on what exact gas mileage you should expect to get from your car. Sure you have the EPA numbers, but the driver will be the single largest determining factor.
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