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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
There are ways to get more accuracy and resolution than the methods used in the GGP but it is beyond the scope of the event.

Sendler's original argument is valid but has very little to do with what the GGP is trying to do - showcase the cars and drivers. And with Centurion's small, cylindrical tank, the volume change is much smaller than Sendler's napkin calculations. If there are any doubters, they can meet Changzuki at next year's event and measure the mass of the fuel tank before and after along with the use of an accurate GPS. This was the method used by the AutoXprize and should be more than enough to verify Centurion's 200mpg status.
Sendlers original argument of volume change / thermal expansion is irrelevant to Centurion's fuel tank. There is no heat returning from the engine to the tank as he suggests. Zero - zippo - goose egg. The only heat the fuel tank could've absorbed was from Sheepdog 44's head since it was right behind him.


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