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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
Watch out .. reading posts by paranoid people may be hazardous to your health .. paranoia is catching!
Too true.
I doubt i will use the second park brake idea, it was more appropriate when i originally thought i would only be able to afford a DC system.
But now i have the AC motor the emergency cut out button and inertia switch in the main contactor seems like it will be enough.

Somebody mentioned the pre-charge contactor circuit. I think i will put the emergency cut outs in the earth return that will be used by both the pre-charge and main contactor coils.
I don't think the pre-charge resistor would last long at full current and so wouldn't be a huge issue in a contactor fail on scenario. The pre-charge resistor would act like a fuse at full amps.
But best that both circuits are cut with the emergency cut outs in case of an electric shock scenario.
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