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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
But then i GPS logged my commute and found that i would need much less battery capacity than i originally guesstimated. 20 kilos less, so i am back to factory weight again.
My commute is not a long distance but lots of waiting at traffic lights.
Wow - you seem to have a strong handle on what everything weighs and what battery capacity you need.

What does you car weigh and what are you projecting for w-h/km or w-h/mile? Does that include some 'fun' driving?

I'm expecting the Mazda will be around 350 w-h/mile at first. When the tires need to be replaced, low rolling resistance tires should drop that a bit. I think one rear wheel bearing need to be replaced, which should help as well. The emergency brakes are dragging a bit, so fixing that will help as well. After that is closing off the radiator space up front (if the cooling system can handle it), adding to the hood to streamline the wipers, perhaps eventually a belly pan.

At 350 w-h/mile, I just make my commute with no safety factor. I will charge a bit at work, just 110V, and keep the batteries warm so that they perform well. But it's not much of a safety factor.

If I can get her down to 250 watt-hours/mile, my 22 kw-h pack will get me about 90 miles in a pinch, 75 miles comfortable, and I need 60 miles for my daily commute. I don't expect to have the air conditioning running ever again, but I left it in place in case I change my mind (I know I can save some weight here, but it's easier for non-mechanical people like me to leave it where it is then to keep all of the parts together and install it again)
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