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Prius $.06 per mile in fuel cost.
My 2011 Fiesta $.07 per mile in fuel cost.
My 1992 Sentra $.08-9 per mile in fuel cost.

The Sentra cost me $300. I just did a little 274 mile road trip and got 41.5 MPG. The Fiesta would have pulled 50 on the same trip

My Fiesta with a salvage rebuilt title depreciated $2500 in 2.5 years and 27k miles ($83.33 a month).

In 100k miles a penny a mile is $1000 in fuel cost per 100k.

So you can never justify the additional cost of the newer vehicle. Either one compared to the Sentra, the depreciation far outweighs any fuel savings.

My brother owns a Prius and when he saw the mileage I was getting in my Fiesta he said, why own a Prius. With the same logic applied to the Fiesta compared to the Sentra the break even point is a long way down the road, too far to be justified comparing mileage alone. Total cost of ownership is the true comparison.

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