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We have some fair hills here too at N42 W72 in western NY state. One variant of a fairing would be for loaded touring with front and rear pannier bags. It is the descents where speed build up that determines stiffness so a front fairing doesn't collapse. Vetter uses a fiberglass nose and a thin skin for the tail. I have used Coroplast with 1/2 in. hard nylon tubing for a hoop stiffener.

Another advantage for a fairing is the improved crash protection that can be designed into the structure. A bulkhead can act as a roll bar, front and rear crush zones, and leg protection make staying with the bike a viable option now versus ejection into trees or guard rails. Above 20 mph with that protection I start thinking lap belt too. Not yet a popular thought but it follows the trend automobiles took in the 1960's through to the present. Inflatable suits for the racers and ABS plus air bags on the roads for motorcycles.
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