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Planetaire - '07 Toyota Prius 2 plug in
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Thumbs up 208 km (129 mi.) in EV mode with a 2007 prius plugin 20kWh

Hello all from France.

Few days ago I drove 208km without any gas and without charging my battery during this trip.

I have a 2007 prius with several electrical "mods":
-add 140 A123 20Ah cells
-add 936 LG 2.8Ah cells
-add bms+ (from
-and dongle (canusb from lawicel) and a pc.

Total is about 20kWh. Diy made.

The A123 are // connected with the stock nimh using a contactor and a fuse.
They have a bms.
Le LG are connected on the A123 via a dc-dc converter in order to control their current. They are energy cells, not power one, unlike the A123.
All these cells are grid charged using a 2kW elcon charger.

Bms+ is needed in order to be able to use more then the stock 6.5Ah.

For this trip, I use only 80 Wh/km, then 16,7kWh come out of the battery.
Max speed was 85 km/h, average between 45 and 50 km/h.

Actually the system is not finished. I put the LG on the nimh cells.
For small trips they are removed.

And also several aerodynamic mods:
-Underbody panels
-Wheel covered
-Front Grill blocked
-Rear wheel squirts
-Rear wiper delete
Mods made after having read ecomodder forum. Thank's all.

And also
-4xToyo nano2 tires
-Replace 12v lead acid with 4xA123 Lifepo4 20Ah+bms
-Ptc heater in order to defog the windscreen in winter when in electric mode.

I am not allowed to post pictures, less then 5 messages. Please look in my album. In 2011 4.5kWh, 2012 9kWh and 2014 20kWh.

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