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Out of gas

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Bienvenue, planetaire!...

...Have you done anything special to prevent the engine from starting? Or did you just drive with a careful right foot?

Glad you found us!
Merci, MetroMPG.

Yes, I use a mode called "out of gas".
At the begining of each trip I open, using a relay, a wire, during a second or less.
So the prius think there is no engine ! say no gazoline.
This special mode was designed by toyota !
For exemple in case your gas tank is empty. When this append all prius 2 drive in electric mode to ... may be the next gas station... or not.
But with the stock battery you will not drive a long distance, except if the road goes down. If the battery is at the normal soc (State of charge=63%) 2km on a flat road only. 4km if the battery was fully charged (80% soc).

So they decide that the speed limit in this mode will be 85 km/h.
In this mode power max is near 22kW with a 25kW boost and peek over 32 kW.
To leave this mode you have to stop the car and power off/on.

I use this mode very often because no gas is used and you can use your right foot as you like. You can also use the B mode, a mode with more regen then the D mode. You have all the system on (brake, power steering, clim... except heating)

When the trip will be long, I use the normal hybrid mode. It is a mixed mode in wich you use the engine time to time and the electric motor. One alone or both at the same time. The best is to use the engine if high power is needed and electric under.

The actual 20kWh picture is:

So, after having used my Prius in eco mode using sometime hypermileur techniques, giving 3.7L/100km, I decide first to add 4.5kWh
This is the picture you inserted in my first post.
The gas consumption was reduced to 2.2 L/100km
The year later I added 4.5kWh more then have 9kWh.
Then the gas consumption was reduced to 1.2 L/100km.

9 kWh with box wires, contactor etc is about 80kg.
100km was possible in electric mode.

This year I added the LG cells, less then 45kg and 9.8kWh.
Now I only "fill" with 10L the gas tank, and only when needed.

I also replaced the old lead acid 12v that was 7years old with 4xA123 20Ah and a capacitive bms. 8kg less then before and no problem at all because the prius voltage never goes over 14.1 volts.
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