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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
That sounds like a complicated spreadsheet. Perhaps a predictive model would be a better description?

So are you willing to share? Predicted weight of the car, required battery, depth of discharge, watt-hours required per km or mile?

I'm sure that it's not just me who - others would be fascinated as well!

I'm not asking for the spreadsheet, just some juicy details
I wouldn't want to post the figures it gave for my car as they were not accurate and may miss inform later readers.

The spreadsheet came with the details for a Mazda MX3 in it.
The accuracy of that existing data is apparently spot on.
The spreadsheet was sent to me by another Ecomodder.
I did a Google search and found it at
Much of it is in Slovenian. (Google translate is your friend here)
There is an introduction page in English.
The spreadsheet is fairly straight forward, it's the formulas that are tricky.

It is when i put my data in that the accuracy dropped due to me not knowing in advance what value to use for the fudgefactor variable.

This spreadsheet is crying out to be converted to a web application that would allow people to upload their commute GPS logs and car details and get all the power usage details. (Including regeneration) Maybe even allowing people to share GPS logs so you could see how your vehicle would go in different terrains. (whilst being privacy aware)
Maybe even create some theoretical terrains, like 100klm of perfectly level road to get the theoretical best case figures for your car.

More time, more time, too many projects, not enough time.
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