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Originally Posted by Ken Fry View Post
I've been getting interesting requests and suggestions for further models (and have planned along those lines, but I don't envision producing another version until this one is really well-established. I want to avoid, like the plague, the Aptera syndrome, where the money disappears and there is not one customer vehicle on the road. Rather than "Go Big or Go Home," we'll "Go Reasonable, and Stay in Business."
With an intended low volume start up, this makes sense to me.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Better to make some wise compromises in order to get the project on the road than to constantly try to cater to everyone's wishes to get the perfect design that never gets built. RIP Aptera.
How true. This seems to be a similar path that Elio is taking by too often "improving" things and not really getting on with production of a viable first edition vehicle.

Elio needs to get an acceptable model out now. In part to appease the several thousand individual investors and to get even more interest going by actually seeing vehicles on the road. Then make improvements for a later release of the 2nd version. A few people I know are at the point of tearing their hair out in frustration at the seemingly constant push back of production. I imagine many of those that have done the "non-refundable" down payment are having buyer's remorse now.

I suppose to build on demand is good for a modest beginning and a good thing he does not seem to want to follow the Elio model in that regard for the Zing.

And this:
Originally Posted by Ken Fry View Post
But in this project, it's like having two people in the shop: Ken Fry, the guy who just wants to get stuff done, and who keeps his head down.
Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
That's the one to listen too now , and get Zing 1.0 finished.
Originally Posted by Ken Fry View Post
Then there's Ken Fry the guy with big ideas and waving arms who interrupts the other guy with stuff to look into
Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
That's the one to listen to for Zing 2.0 .
Have him write his ideas down for later use.
Gotta leave room for some improvements in later versions, yet you also gotta build a version of it one day.
Ken seems to have the right idea, but without a post in something like a year, it is beginning to look like interest in the project has stalled. There may be doubts about the Zing project reaching fruition... regrettably, I have mine.
That is unless something else is at play here.

Anybody know the status of the Zing project other than the obvious lack of a current progress report by Ken Fry?
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