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Originally Posted by nemo View Post
Interesting. Do you have a motor and battery type in mind? What are you expecting for range? How are you going to power the AC?
I have added the motor, battery and AC details.

The range is going to be minimal. This vehicles job will be to get me to and from work each day (well each day i bother to go ).
Round trip is a 42klm (26 miles).
I may have the option of topping up the charge whilst at work but i am not counting on it and so the daily distance will be 42klm.
Lots of traffic lights so the ability for the AC motor to do regeneration will help.
The speed will be quite low due to low speed limits. This will help as well as the wind resistance will be very low. Most of the trip will be limited to less than 60kph (37mph).
Also there will be no passengers further reducing weight and energy consumed.
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