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That's not quite accurate. You will always have brake lights, even with the key out of the ignition.
on both opels i've driven the breakelights will not work when the ignition is turned to off, but normal lights will stay on, on my girlfriends ford fiesta, even the headlights go out when the ignition is off, so it depends, although a few simple changes will likely change these things if it's really needed.

so, whoever is planning on eoc, better checks what their car does when you use it in ways it wasn't designed for.

No kidding? I have not seen this yet. In the future maybe a large percentage of our mods will be bypassing and tricking the computers in our cars.
chiptuneing for performance is quite common, but i think i've heared of one tuner who offered an economy tune of the chip.

since on a lot of cars the chip will cause the injector(s) to cut out while coasting in gear and the engine is above a certain rmp, if one could altering these parameter you could get a long way.
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