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Did I just sand off my paint?!

So, this annoying mechanic said that if you have scratched paint, you can use Scratch Out and a buffer to make your car look good again:

I do not want to ask you guys about everything, but maybe I should, which is sad, but I looked into this, and it seemed that since I could barely feel my scratches, they were only in the clear coat, so if I buffed them down, the scratches would go away, and then I needed to apply a new layer of clear coat.

I planned on hiring a professional to do the last part.

The kid at O'Reilly recommended Meguire's over Scratch Out, but it did not do anything. The bottle recommended using their rubbing compound instead of their polishing compound for hard jobs, and that made the scratches look bigger, which I figured was a start. I looked into it further and read that I could use 800-grit sandpaper, then 1,200, and finally 1,600.

Autozone had a pack with 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500-grit wet-dry sandpaper, but I did not notice the cracks fading until the paint itself was.

Mom keeps telling me to go to Maaco. Since I usually only have cars for a year or two, I guess that I might as well. If I still have this car when the paint looks worse than before I tried to fix it, hopefully my finances are better.

I like to do stuff myself, but I do not think that anything good would come out of painting my own car!

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