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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Your car came without a spoiler?
I have no way to confirm this but I know the 96-98 cars did not come with a spoiler. If they had one they were added on as a dealer item to mark the price point higher with ex models. On the 99-00 hx models I believe it was a factory option as the hx fell just shy of the ex in price point so it could be sold at a higher price point on the car lot
Originally Posted by 96Midori View Post
Car looks great man! All I'd do is lower it a bit.
I would like to however I am worried the extra stress will tear this old suspension up. At its mileage I know the shocks have been replaced but it could still be on the factory ball joints and suspension bushings. Ultimately that's a Pandoras box I'm not willing to open.

The hx are nice vehicles, a great blend of economy and thriftiness. Power windows and locks are very convenient. I am not slanted to hx over other models however in this area I seem to find them in better condition than any other model

In the dfw area the Honda market Vehicles with manual transmissions are hard to find as they took the brunt of the fast and furious movement. The easiest civics to find are automatic sedans, rarest being a manual transmission hatchback. I would not be surprised if 96 midori paid $6500 for his hatchback as a vehicle as clean as his is EXTREMELY rare. I am regularly on Craigslist and I have yet to see a hatch with a manual transmission in the past year or so. Coupes are hit and miss but like the hatches they found their way into the fast and furious kids then into junk yards

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