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A metro running with no accessories is a bit under 10 amps just running the engine is what most people say. It is possible to run the car daily and charge at night without much problem if it has a slightly bigger battery. But I don't really want to take a chance on something like that since I never know when I am going to be out and driving a few hours at night. I thought about just running a toggle to kill the alt when I wanted and a few other solutions and they all have possibilities, and probably would be easier and gain about as much as this idea. I am mostly just trying to come to a consensus of some sort on this idea and what it would take to make it practical or if it won't really get me higher mileage. Everything right now is just an idea in my head and I am just looking for ways it could work.

I am thinking that first thing before we can really know anything else I need an amp meter hooked between the battery and the car so I can see how much I am drawing from the charging system. That is easy to do on a Metro since the alt, starter, and main harness all connect together in the same spot beside the battery. I can then log that information and build up a profile of how much power the car needs under different situations.

I'll order an ammeter and maybe one of the 10A step up converters to play with. Next weekend I can wire up the ammeter and actually try and figure out of this idea is even possible.

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