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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
2 car lengths isn't much of a buffer. A single jerk can cut it in half, like you said. Now 10 car lengths... a single jerk takes out only 10% of your buffer.

It is possible. I've driven in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego in recent months. It's harder in busy cities, true, but it's still possible.

... and in my experience, the jerks that jump into your buffer are just as likely to jump back out a few seconds later.
I was using that as the low end extreme, meaning that's all it takes before someone jumps my buffer. If I leave a buffer of 3 car lengths, two jerks will jump in. 4 lengths, and I get 3 jerks and so on. That's just my experience. Also, my commute purposely avoids the freeway, so I'm talking about 4 lane, one way 35MPH speed limit in which everyone is going at least 40.

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