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Well i haven't updated in awhile for good reason found more rust on this truck than id like so i had a very serious decision to make. Either sell it and get something in better condition or just drive it till it died or make it to its next inspection....

After some looking around had my heart set on another civic cx or vx as ive owned them in the past and liked that id know hondas inside and out. However i was not prepared for the premium prices ive seen lately compared to when i had my Honda and after getting the run around on a few promising ads ive just decided it will be more economical to keep the truck and do a few mods so my commute to work will end up being more profitable.

Soon to be mods hopefully
-mpguino if i can figure out what i need to make one
-pizza pan wheel caps
-wheel arch cover
-possibly side skirts
-homemade roll pan and a few more items pictures to come as i go im just hoping to get 30+ as ive gotten it up to 25/26 with smart driving and a few other things so time will tell
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