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great deal of

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
That must be some great payback, it sounds like a great deal of work!
Yes,and since I remain quite stupid when it comes to estimating how long it would take to complete any project,I'd be thinking of no less than a year to pull that off.
Used T-100 beds at boneyards are fetching $800-$1,000.
There's a damaged one locally that might go for less.
I've got a plywood skeleton of a full-scale aerobed on the Dodge D100.I'm not going to molest that.With enough in the center for plywood and drywall the side 'pods',above and below the bed floor leave all kinds of room for dedicated cubby holes and compartments otherwise un-utilized with conventional beds.Also,the spare tire has it's own 'closet' above the diffuser area which makes it easy to access.
Going below Cd 0.20 would be interesting.Kind of a Mercedes-Benz C-111,III of a pickup truck.
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