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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
So, you will pie-cut another bed? I wondered about making the sides by getting a block of foam, bending it to shape, and fiberglassing it, although I wonder how well that would handle abuse compared to steel.

What is the widest thing that you have ever hauled in your truck? I was thinking that as long as your bed is four feet wide at the tail gate, you could accommodate a sheet of plywood and that should be wide enough for almost anything else.
*For a more painless project
*I'd plasma cut away everything above floor level.
*I'd cut away as much plan-taper as the rear wheels would allow
*I'd fabricate a welded steel tube space frame which incorporated remnants of the tailgate perimeter which 'rolls' into the underside perimeter of the bedcover.
*Gussets would provide some triangulation strength.
*And cut down the tailgate.
*I'd foam panel within the spaceframe
*And glass the foam,providing a stressed skin.
*Plywood and drywall is probably the largest items I've carried.
*For really large things I have an I-beam and chain-hoist I can back under and just lift off the bed cover if need be.
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