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Alright, lets do the math shall we. Based on working an 8 on 6 off bi-weekly schedule:

It takes 3.14L of gas to take the KLR to and from work or $3.78/per work day. (gas at $1.20/L)
It takes 8.85L of gas to take the Chev to and from work or $10.62/per work day.
We could include a Starbucks or Timmies run for about $5.50/per work day.
Car/Bike insurance combined for the year is $7.55/per work day.
Truck payment works out to $39.25/per work day.
Rent, $37.21/per work day.
Food and all bills and anything I missed, $37.50/ per work day.

Combined, it all comes to 48% of my after tax earnings per day at work to live! The rest goes into the bank to spend or save however I wish! I think I can afford that.

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