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Hey Paul!

Hello Again!

Wow! Things got really Interesting since the last time I was here around page 300 and two years ago. My intentions then were to convert a 94 Toyota truck but life had other plans for me. Since then I have helped my neighbor build an electric dragster, a couple cars, a boat and a bark O lounger. I have started and finished my new shop, built an apartment over it for my Mom who is now 74 and I am ready to build my own controller!

So I have finished reading this forum from where I left off, Paul has moved further away, (was it something I said ;-)) and the controller has changed a LOT. I no longer have the truck but my neighbor has sold me an already converted Geo Metro, which was a conversion he did a couple years ago for someone else. The metro had not been chopped up and was straight and in need of a little TLC.

First thing I did was remove all the stuff the owner had "redone"... The guy was an engineer yet he ran two ( + and -) thumb sized pack cables side by side through a sheet metal hole, with no grommet, to the controller and shunt, which he mounted UNDER the metro in place of the old fuel tank.

So I had a lot to redo and a few normal repairs like new brakes, wheel bearings, and axles in front and new over sized brakes and bearings in the rear. The repairs are finished and I am now rebuilding the motor to flywheel adapter. The flywheel is being remade to be a lot lighter and still have a functioning clutch.

The car came with Nickel metal hydride batteries from somewhere I have not been able to track down and a Curtis controller. I have since gotten hold of 90 Winston 60 AH LiFePo batteries and am sorting out the bad from the good, so far only 4 have failed the tests.

So Paul... ;-) What became of the BMS that you were working on? I find that I am in need of one for all these cute little LiFePo cubes. And do you still have parts and such for a 500 amp controller that I can use with a power section of IGBT's like jackbauer built? I am pretty sure 1000 amps would do nasty things to a geo metro's transaxle.

But as soon as I find me a BMW Z3 we will talk about some real amps!


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