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Having owned three different Rangers in the past, I have a few different ideas for you to consider.

0. Before anything else... Your truck was rated at 22 city and 27 highway when it was new. If you aren't getting at least this mileage, then a good and thorough tune-up is in order. This would include testing the coils, and replacing vacuum hoses, pcv valve, platinum plugs, plug wires, timing belt, accessory belt, and water pump, and finally a thorough cleaning of the entire intake assembly/throttle body/intake manifold.

1. This little Lima 2.3 engine REALLY likes synthetic oil. My personal favorite was always Mobil1 5w30, and I actually measured lower fuel consumption at idle with this oil. (measured with scangauge).

2. Synthetic lube in the transmission and rear end would reduce friction as well. Some racers swear by Royal Purple gear oils. Don't forget that the transmission uses ATF, and not traditional gear oil.

3. One really big mechanical mod that reduces fuel consumption quite a bit is replacing the belt driven fan with an electric fan.

4. I noticed that you are running steel wheels. You should be able to reduce your unsprung/rotating mass by switching to factory alloy wheels. Craigslist, junkyards, and the like are good sources for parts like this.

5. The MPGuino would be awesome, as it really helps you figure out how to drive your truck in the most efficient way possible. When I had my '96 Ranger, I used a scangauge to figure out that it got REALLY good mileage when I would knock the transmission into neutral when coming to a stop - and you can coast a long way when doing this.

BTW - since your '94 is on OBDI vehicle, the Scangauge and Ultragauge are not an option. Those will only work on OBDII vehicles.

6. The over sized air dam and partial grill block are both probably good ideas, as is the bed cover.

Good luck...

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