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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
....The more I think of your idea, the better it sounds.
Now i know we are entering the land of crazy when one of my ideas sounds good.

I watched the video freebeard linked. Well i got as far as the part where the presenter started talking about filters and using pictures of cars at which point my head decided to invert itself at high velocity. Up to that point it was all making a crazy sort of sense.
Paul, you must have a skull of steel to keep all this in there.

But back to the time constant thingy. It sort of seems like cheating to use the trial and error method but if it is just that single value we need and we know the range that it exists in then why not. It should allow the controller to be matched to any motor even if the motor specifications are totally unknown.
Which would be handy for people who had rewound their motor and may not know all of the modified motors parameters. Or where the motor is a junk yard rescue with a missing or unreadable specification plate. Or the motor comes out of a hybrid vehicle and the manufacturer isn't forthcoming with specifications.
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