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Bit of an update.

I now have an engine hoist on loan from my brother-in-law which should make the removal of the engine block easier. That should happen in the next week or so.

Here are a couple of photos of the electric motor.
I managed to weigh it and it is 74 kilos (163 lbs). This is actually less than i expected. I was expecting around 85 kilos (187 lbs). So that was a pleasant surprise. It would have weighed even less if i had went for the lighter flange but i like the idea of the motor mounting bolts being as far as possible from the shaft to reduce the torque they are subjected to.
The feet on the motor will be removed which will knock a little bit more weight off as well.
Of course now that it has the nice big flange mount, there is the possibility that it may need some surgery to prevent it fouling on the axle that runs past the motor.
Won't know for sure until i get the ICE engine out of the engine bay to do some measurements.

In the next shot you can see the wires exiting a small hole, these are for the encoder bearing which is internal to the motor.

Regulations say the high voltage cables need to be orange in colour so i have several meters of orange heat shrink which will go over each of the phase cables.

I may also change the terminal box as i don't like the way two of the phase cables are squeezed into a single hole. I may put a new box on it with three appropriately sized holes and add some cable glands to stop them moving and abrading.

I will also see if i can remove some of the blue paint that was sprayed over everything including the cables.

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