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Originally Posted by TCreatorO View Post
WHAT!?, what!? dude! I had never seen your truck in those angles! it looks amazing! that rear end reminds me of the Ferrari F40! I love it! damn, youre giving me some ideas for my celica
My tail is very crude and doesn't incorporate all the tumblehome it might of had.It saved many,many hours of construction time that way,but on your Celica,you'd want to set no deadlines,and slow down to a crawl and spend the time to do a more complex side body than I did.
When I built it I was already thinking of a custom truck box which would have allowed more organic compound shape.So it's a real compromise.
Ford's Probe-IV and V have the 'rectilinear',boxy kind of rear form also,and I looked at them a lot!
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