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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I keep looking at the smoke-flow images of the Aerolid at A2.The separation line is perfect and delta Cd delicious.John should have a great time on the return leg of his trip.Especially with that 'secret-weapon' tail!
Hope you're not underwater. Looks like you all got walloped by rain!
Hi Phil

We are good right now but the heavy rain is on the way.

I feel the delta Cd calibrated in the wind tunnel test in October of 2007 at A2 might be a bit erroneous. The cross section of the A2 tunnel is the same size as or even smaller that the Darko tunnel. My 2006 F 150 which the Aerolid was on has a greater frontal area than your truck ("Spirit of Ecomodder").

Due to the small cross section of A2 and the large frontal area of my truck, I feel the delta Cd number may even be better than calibrated. I wish Ford would have shared the delta Cd with me back in August of 2007 when they tested my lid in their wind tunnel in Michigan. The cross section was cavernous!

Hopefully John will get some good mpg numbers with the Aerolid alone and with the combination of the large boat tail on his new F 150. Also, you did one fine job in crafting the "Spirit of Ecomodder". You are as good a craftsman/Engineer as anyone I know.

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