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A-B-A Testing vs. Real World Results

Ecomodders: so I've had three full tanks since I did the four mods and increased tire pressure. Not a big sample, but enough for an update.

A-B-A testing showed an increase of 2.65MPG (7.74%) due to the mods.

In the real world, the difference I'm getting is even better.

My five tanks prior to the mods gave me an average of 34.84MPG. Then I had one tank that had some before and some after miles on it, so I'm discarding that tank as not being truly before or truly after.

With the three full, complete tanks since doing the mods, I get an average of 38.18MPG.

So my real world improvement is 3.34MPG (9.15%).

Could be due to some improvements in my technique on one hand. But on the other hand the last three tanks (post-mods) have been during cooler weather than the prior five tanks (pre mods). Also, pump error, etc., blah,blah, the normal disclaimers.

Overall, I'm pretty confident that the A-B-A testing is born out under real world conditions.

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