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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
I looked into the temp sensor for the MGR.

It looks like it's merely a 50kOhm NTC thermistor, electrically isolated from the motor and case.

In that case, it looks like it would be pretty easy to drive it with the 5V controller supply and a 50kOhm 1% resistor in series. The microcontroller's AtoD converter would see about 2.5V at 25C. I would use the "QEI Index" pin and add this to the resolver driver board. That way all the MGR feedback information could run through this adapter.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

- E*clipse
That sounds good. We will need to figure out the best arrangement for the A/D conversions. Current1, current2, sin (), cos (), throttle, temp1, temp2. we could always do currents and angles simultaneously, and maybe every 32 times we do current1, throttle, temp1, temp2.
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