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I know motor temp can be really slow, even in human terms. I'd also make it a pretty rough (like 8bit number) Is that temp1 or temp2?
Throttle could also be pretty slow, but I'd probably sample every 1/10 second just to make it "feel" smooth, along with a finer resolution number. It may not even be possible to sample that infrequently...

It's kind of like Edward said - it's not a CNC machine or robot. Considering all the mass (not just the motor - the car) and lag times involved it can be pretty rough - and still WAY smoother than an IC car.

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
That sounds good. We will need to figure out the best arrangement for the A/D conversions. Current1, current2, sin (), cos (), throttle, temp1, temp2. we could always do currents and angles simultaneously, and maybe every 32 times we do current1, throttle, temp1, temp2.

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