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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I'm quite familiar with those motors. We use them on all our equipment here at work.
Do you ever get motors that may have damaged windings? Salvaging a faulty motor may be a cheap way to get a reasonable AC motor for an electric vehicle. I am guestimating that getting a motor rewinder to rewind a motor for EV use would be somewhere around $1000. I could be way off with that estimate but certainly cheaper than a brand new HPEVS AC50 or similar. So if you can source a motor carcas for scrap value then it could be well worth it.
Even if it is only 80% as good as a designed from the ground up EV motor then it may be more than enough for some users. That's what i am hoping for. I don't expect the same performance as an AC50 but something approaching that level of performance would be more than enough for me.
It is all an experiment. Hopefully if it all works out then it will give other EV'ers another affordable path to AC drive.
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