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Originally Posted by z_power View Post
As for power steering - some later production (but still "B" generation) Corsas had full electric power assisted steering column instead of hydraulic rack. It's easy to find complete kit in UK because it's often used to retro-fit PS into oldtimers or kitcars; here's first search result at eBay. In Poland it would cost ~100 because we've imported a lot of UK cars and RHD stuff is useless...
You'd still have to check if there were some changes in body bracket for steering column between hydraulic and EPS cars; even with some mods needed I think it's still worth it!
I suspect that sort of swap wouldn't be approved by the engineers here in Australia.
I have found a company here in Australia that sells kits for doing the swap but they only talk about doing the swap in race cars not road going passenger cars.
I have shot them an email to find out.
For the moment i will continue with the electric hydraulic as planned just because it is a less than $50 cost and i know it has been used by other EV conversions without issues getting it past the engineers.
I may look at changing it over to EPAS later if i find out it will be legal.
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